ServiceMaster has entered into an agreement to sell our Management Services business to ARAMARK. All business groups of Management Services are included in the sale: ServiceMaster Healthcare Management Services, ServiceMaster Education Management Services, the ServiceMaster Business and Industry Group, ServiceMaster Aviation Services, CMI Group, ServiceMaster Manufacturing Services, ServiceMaster International Services and Quantum Resources Corporation.

We would like to share with you some of the thinking behind the decision to sell to ARAMARK. The decision follows a strategic evaluation of ServiceMaster's businesses, the markets we serve and where each of our businesses can flourish in the future. Changes in the marketplace have driven consolidation in many industries. It was clear that we have two very strong, but extremely different business units. One is focused on institutional customers, and one is focused on residential customers.

We've concluded that to do justice to both, the best opportunities for Management Services lie with ARAMARK, a world leader in managed services for institutional customers. ARAMARK understands the business-to-business arena and can help Management Services and its people achieve their goals. The remaining units of ServiceMaster will primarily focus on providing consumer services to residential customers.

Both ServiceMaster and ARAMARK will apply their knowledge, investments, best practices, processes and common competencies to the markets in which each can excel. This will benefit the employees, customers and shareholders of both companies. The Board of Directors and senior management agree that the sale is the best way to focus on creating the strongest platform for profitable ServiceMaster growth in the future.

With regard to our culture, at ServiceMaster, our commitment to the Four Objectives remains the foundation of our company. In our discussions with ARAMARK, it is clear that they have deep respect and admiration for the corporate culture that has made Management Services a strong and vital business.

An additional change following the portfolio review is the decision to exit the Certified Systems, Inc. and TruGreen LandCare Construction businesses. Both are non-strategic businesses in the ServiceMaster portfolio, based on the new strategic goal of focusing on consumer services and exiting businesses that cannot be developed to their full potential.

Outstanding people are leaving our company, and we will miss their contributions. Those who remain, however, will be better able to grow and develop in the new ServiceMaster environment, helping ServiceMaster to serve its customers better and provide more value to its shareholders.

I welcome your feedback, and I will communicate regularly with you as we create the new ServiceMaster. Please to forward your comments.

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